December 14th, 2021, The End of Centralised Stablecoins and How To Profit From What’s Coming Next

  1. Centralized stablecoins are single authorities that, just like a central bank, can print un-backed currency out of thin air and buy rare assets like bitcoin or ethereum. This is a massive tool to manipulate the market. When the price tanks, the action stops, startups slow down, capital injections slow down. By controlling the main counterasset to bitcoin you control the market.
  2. Centralized stablecoins are meant to hold 1 dollar in the bank for every ERC-20. Ok, let’s assume they do. What happens when (not if) we have another global financial banking crisis? The banks holding these funds might use them to bail themselves out and leave the massive crypto economy that is (for lack of a better word) “tethered” to this collapsing fraudulent system.
  3. Another threat is negative interest rates. This is the reason there are no major euro stablecoins. The negative interest rates break the business model for centralized stablecoins. Imagine holding billions in a bank account and having to pay the negative interest on that. They will have to become fraudulent by going into fractional reserve if they already haven’t.

Initial DEX offering starting on December 14th, 2021.

  • Revenue share of the fees paid by protocol users
  • Rewards for actively participating in voting
  • Discount on stability fee
  • Access to liquidated assets under spot price
  • Token Burns, Airdrops from income Participate now and become part of DeFi history.



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