February 8th, 2022, Crypto Chartbook — Stacking bitcoins winning edges

  • Market behavior
  • Time of day
  • Oscillators for ranging markets
  • Indicators for trending markets
  • Supply/demand zone identification (VWAP=volume weighted average price, in addition to support and resistance lines)
  • Inter-market relationships
  • Leading/lagging (relative strength within a sector or group)
  • Candlestick pattern
  • Volume
  • Time frame relationships
  • Action-reaction principle
  • News
  • Day of the week
  • Swing leg count
  • MAE(=maximum adverse excursion)
  • Mathematical/statistical edges like standard deviation

BTC in US-Dollar, daily chart, how we stack odds in our favor:

Bitcoin in US-Dollar, daily chart as of February 8th, 2022.
  • General price strength (directional yellow line channel)
  • Previous day retracement (action-reaction principle)
  • Small range Doji for tight stop and possible reversal indication
  • VWAP (blue histogram to the right of the chart) indicating a supply zone
  • Scheduled ECB news item out of the way
  • Time of week
  • Time of day(we entered near the close of the daily candle)
  • Extended from the mean(blue line, standard deviation)
  • Commodity Channel Index(CCI). A momentum-based oscillator useful in congested sideways channels, gave the prior day to execution indication of a long entry(yellow arrow)

BTC in US-Dollar, weekly chart, well-positioned:

Bitcoin in US-Dollar, weekly chart as of February 8th, 2022.

BTC in US-Dollar, monthly chart, early bird:

Bitcoin in US-Dollar, monthly chart as of February 8th, 2022.

Stacking bitcoins winning edges:



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