July 23rd 2021, Silver Chartbook — Silver, the exception

Fundamentally thinking: Has anything changed?

  • Are supply chain discrepancies fixed?
  • Is the economy on solid grounds?
  • Has money printing stopped, as the FED Balance sheet hits a new all-time high?
FED balance sheet as of July 21st, 2021. The balance sheet of the Federal Reserve (US central bank) has hit another all-time high as FED president Jerome Powell keeps the printing press rumbling despite spiraling inflation. Just last week alone, total assets rose by another US$39billion to US$8,240.5billion. This is equal to around 37% of US’s GDP.

Gold/Silver-Ratio in US-Dollar, Daily Chart, Stretched and ready to snap back:

Gold/Silver-Ratio, daily chart as of July 22nd, 2021.

Weekly Chart, Silver in US-Dollar, Silver, the exception, Buying zone opportunity:

Silver in US-Dollar, weekly chart as of July 22nd, 2021.

Silver in US-Dollar, Daily Chart, Good timing for risk reduction:

Silver in US-Dollar, daily chart as of July 22nd, 2021.

Silver, the exception:



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